Noir Crystal Bangle

BEBE Cuff Bracelet by Noir Jewelry

$85.00 $35.00

Another great piece by Noir Jewelry. So perfect to add some sparkle. While the crystals aren’t real diamonds, take it from a Girl who knows … they look real. Not that you’re trying to be a phony BUT it will matter if you want it to look good with your other pieces. Just sayin.

Gift Girl Tip: I’m not sure who wouldn’t like this bracelet. For the price it makes a good gift  for a whole bunch of people on your list.

Hmm – Now that I think about it – if she’s the nature/crunchy/hemp wearing chick (not that there’s anything wrong with that!!) she may not go for this. For instance – she may like a leather wrap bracelet .. also cool. Know your Girl 🙂

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Weight 24 oz
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